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Orientalism (Topical Term)

Preferred form: Orientalism
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Work cat.: 99053419: Readings in Orientalism, 2000: CIP galley (Western views of the Orient, including specific religious, cultural practices, etc. "The Orient" is constructed in Western ideology as a permanent and enduring object of knowledge in opposition to the Occident as its negative and alternative pole. From the 18th century, the Orient has existed within a literary and visual tradition which is both romantic and fantastic.)

Web. 3 ((3) an Oriental turn of thought adopted by a Western thinker; characteristic of Oriental art or culture appearing in Western practice)

AAT (Orientalism: characteristics of Oriental art or culture appearing in Western practice)

Here are entered works on Western views of Asia or the Middle East and/or adoption of characteristics of Asian or Middle Eastern culture by Westerners.

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